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First Pet

There is something so magical about buying your first pet. My husband and I had agreed to wait until the kids were old enough to look after them. We held out for years, but now our two children are 9 & 7, we have decided it's time. We wanted to educate and ease them into the idea, so they knew exactly what owning a dog meant. We started off by telling them all about nexgard for dogs.


I explained to the kids that because we live so close to the bush (it backed onto our garden and the kids loved going exploring down there), it was likely our new dog would end up with fleas and ticks if we didn't look after them. I shared that by using the best flea treatment for dogs, we could help prevent this and keep our new puppy safe. They were both on board straight away.


The next topic I didn't want to go into much detail with - heartworm medicine. I briefly explained what heartworm disease was and how serious it was for a dog, but that I had bought some heartgard for dogs to prevent the issue and, once again, we could keep our new dog safe. Once we had covered the medical side of things that could happen to a pet, I gave the kids the chat about the day-to-day things they need to do.

Day To Day

I explained that dogs need to be walked every day and they would need to help me out with that. The new dog would also need to be fed every day and one of them could do it in the morning and the other in the evening. The dog was also going to need a bath about once a week and it was something we could all do together on the weekend as a family. After our talk the kids seemed on board, but then my husband told me about this great online resource that could help us further.

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